From an incredible story of people helping former student and award-winning visual journalist Tracey Shelton:

Tracey Shelton was in desperate need of replacing her aging camera equipment to continue to report from war-torn locations such as Aleppo. After reading the post, two Columbia J School grads, Mayeta Clark and Nick Stone, set up a crowd funding campaign to raise enough money to buy Tracey some decent kit. Her original budget was just $2000 so the group, who had never met Tracey, looked to raise another $5000 to provide a solid photo and video kit.

The great news is that, still with time to go, the target has been reached and Tracey has her new kit.

That Tracey could produce award-winning work with battered kit – seen here – shows how the story is the most important thing. Imagine what she can do with the equipment bought with the $5,500 the campaign raised.

Visual journalism may not be the world’s best paid profession, but where else are you going to find a community prepared to support work in this manner?