Applications for 2021-22 are now open.

The global media economy is being transformed. With major changes in the way stories are produced, circulated, and consumed, today’s visual journalists and storytellers need new skills to meet the challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.

This one-year Master’s degree offers an intensive, practice-focused multimedia program. You’ll develop a range of core skills and techniques centered on digital visual media including photography, video, data visualization, and social media. You’ll also be trained in fundamental journalism practice and theory to ensure your creative skills are industry-ready and underpinned by sound professional practice. From the very first term, you’ll work on real assignments, during the second term you’ll develop chosen specialisms alongside your storytelling skills and produce a live project with a major media organization. In the third and final term, you’ll fine-tune skills via a 14-week self-directed assignment that should serve as a portfolio to launch or elevate your chosen career path. Alongside practice, students also gain a critical understanding of contemporary trends in the new media economy.

Based in Beijing – China, with the degree awarded by the University of Bolton in the UK, the MA in International Multimedia Journalism offers a unique, international approach to visual storytelling.  See what our students think in our introductory videos on the course.

For further information, please email S.Lovell@bolton.ac.uk