Global news was recently dominated by graphic video footage showing the final moments of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. This video was shot on a mobile phone by Libyan rebels, and procured shortly after Gaddafi’s death by MA/IMMJ student and Global Post reporter Tracey Shelton.

Tracey has been working in Libya since May, writing, photographing and videoing regularly for The Global Post since August. The working environment for journalists in Libya’s conflict has been very difficult. In mid-August Tracey survived a brutal attack when suspected Gaddafi loyalists broke into her Benghazi hotel room, beat her and stole her equipment.

Despite working in trying circumstances with little equipment, Tracey has been able to do the early stages of the course on line. Her account of Gaddafi’s death appears on her blog as the week 5 assignment. You can hear more on how Tracey acquired the video in a Public Radio International interview with Global Post editor Tom Mucha.

We are looking forward to seeing Tracey in Beijing at the end of November for the course intensive workshop and hearing more about her experiences.

Photo: Screen grab of rebel’s video, via Global Post, showing Gaddafi being photographed with a camera phone.